16 de julio de 2012

Tattoos: Second round

Back in February, I wrote a post about tattoos and this eternal wondering about if getting one. I tried to show you some beautiful ones while others were really funny, especially those by Tattly, right? I got to say I love all of them, every Tuesday I find a lovely email on my inbox with the featured ones. They're great! Look at this set! I'm totally going for it, Teo and I are going to look like the most beachy couple ever!

Well, this post I'm talking about was quite warmly welcomed, so I thought maybe you'd like a second round. Here is what I found around and wanted to share:

Never would be that brave, but I got to say I love seeing beautiful women on their huge beautiful flowered tattoos.

 These two made me laugh.

Ooooh, so cute.

This one shocked me, but it did because I really got surprised on how classy this woman looks even with these solid tattoos.

Is not this tiny one a finesse?

And this other, kind of exquisite.

 Can you imagine your back looking like this way? I can't! But... what a gorgeous pic!

And finally, this one was so simple that it turns out lovely.

See something you will go for? They say once you have one, you can't stop!

From 1 to 6 via Victoria/ 7 and 8 via Jennifer/ 9 and 10 via Tiger
Top photo here.

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