7 de agosto de 2012

Kind of winter craving...already!

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get tired from this stifling heat. Here's a confession to make: I'm not that into Summer.

Don't misunderstand, I love summertime which it means I like hanging out with friends and having some beers, sunbathing (always under my beachy umbrella), swimming in pools, wearing backless dresses, eating our own tomatoes from the rooftop garden but... I don't like heat. Look, I'm from a lovely island where we are lucky enough to not have to withstand high temperatures. And so in winter, but in reverse: no cold. As you know I've been living out of the lovely island for more than a decade, but it seems that I never got used to this kind of heat. However, I kind of like winters, cold and even the snow. Honestly, what I like best about Fall and Winter- and I found it out recently- is that these seasons are more similar to my way of being, I mean I feel more confortable with these quiet seasons because I guess I'm in a Fall mood always almost.

Yesterday morning it was raining for a minute, I think. Then, the sun of justice came back. I wanted more of that. So, I searched for some winter pics to back "confortable" again. 

Am I the only one in the mood for some of this?... Wouldn't you sit on this bench right away? Aww...

P.S. Ok, these unaffordable-at-least-to-me-gorgeous sneakers also put me in the Winter mood. 

Photos via Winter Wonderland. The one of Barcelona beach, here.

2 comentarios:

  1. Las fotos son preciosas... pero, por mi parte... que el invierno se espere un poquito!! :)) Todavía tengo ganas de ir descalzo y hasta de rascarme los picotazos de los mosquitos!!

    1. De lo segundo estoy deseando olvidarme y si puede ser que se extingan. De lo primero, iiih, quisiera ir descalza todo el año. Suelo calentito calefactado please! (y teletransporte y cala privada).


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