8 de febrero de 2012

Not just a mum/ No sólo una mami

Tengo mucha curiosidad por saber algo:

Las que sois madres, ¿cuánto tardasteis tras nacer vuestro/a peque en hacer unas cortas (cortísimas) vacaciones con vuestra pareja (o solas!!)? Me refiero, sin el bebé. Y las que no lo sois, y ahora que podéis decir tantas cosas que haréis y otras que no dejaréis que pasen ni que cambien (jejeje), ¿cuándo creéis que es un buen momento?

Teo ya tiene un año. Y Juan y yo, hasta ahora, no hemos disfrutado de esas minivacaciones. Bueno, de hecho, sólo hemos salido a cenar los dos solos una noche! Si, mis padres se quedaron con él, y aún así, tuvimos que volver antes de lo previsto, el gordi estaba muy congestionado. Oh, y este domingo pasado salimos a comer, otra vez gracias a mis padres, y fue genial porque además nevaba! Qué romántico! 
Algo es algo!!!

I am very curious about something:

Those of you guys who are already mothershow long it was before you did a short (very short) vacation with your partner (or by your own!) after your baby were born? I mean, without the baby. And those are not, and now you can say so many things you will do and some others that will never change (lol), when do you think is a good time?

Teo is already one year. And Juan and I have not enjoyed these mini-vacations so far. Well, actually, we've only gone out on a dinner-date one night just the two of us! Yes, my parents stayed with him, and yet we had to come back earlier than expected, fatty kiddo was kind of sick. Oh, and this past Sunday we went out for lunch, again thanks to my parents, and it was great also because it was snowing! How romantic is that?
Not complaining at all!

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  1. I would say whenever you're ready or when you really have to! I left Suzanne for the first time she was 11 month (2 weeks), and I had no other choice. Then I left her for holidays when she was 1 year. But I was ready and very confident in the people who were looking after her. I had no stress, I looked happy, and she did too. Now she is spending a week with her grand parents and she is having fun and happy, as much as I am enjoying being by myself and looking after me. By the way, I took profit to cut my much too long hair to much to short hair! Now I have even more time in the morning!If you feel confortable, do it, but I would say no more than a week, because you'll miss him too much!

  2. Love your advice! You're so right, it will be just in the right moment I feel confortable with that. All this come from a conversation with my parents a few days ago about summer holidays, because they would love to have the baby around them for a couple of weeks. It sounds like a plan actually, and it's a very good chance to Juan and I to take some short romantic vacation, right? But I agree, one week tops, and... that time seems too long for me by now!!!


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